Perks of Public Transportation

The lower half of a woman sitting on a park bench. She has a white cane with red tip. There is a black, Rotweiler service dog besider her. Woof!

Hey, why is everybody giving public transportation a bad rap? I find that the people who complain about it, are mostly people who never use it. They think it’s cheap, sketchy, dirty, or takes too long.

Since losing the ability to drive – no, not from DUI – haha, the bus was the only option. Yes, I tried to roll away from it, kicked and screamed, and I didn’t like rideshare aka perfume share aka forced-to-listen-to-an-opinion share.

Once I accepted that I needed the local bus and rail to get around, I decided to go all in or nothing. Because that’s how I roll. It took about six good weeks of frustration of the bus not appearing when I walked up to the stop. Oh…there’s a schedule. And let me say that that schedule, will keep you on time, if not early for everything! Unless the bus breaks down, which is rare. Plan ahead. Unlike my driving days where I thought fashionably late was acceptable. Riding the bus or riding in a car is not too much difference in time. Yes, a car can take short cuts and the bus stays on a specific route and makes stops. I plan to add 20 minutes extra, to be safe, but I’m usually early. Tip for Angelenos: Orange buses stop at most major and side streets. Red buses (Rapid) only stop at major streets.

Danger! – the only danger I’ve ever encountered on the bus or rail is having too much fun laughing at situations or talking to my fellow Angelenos. Sure, questionable characters get on the bus, but 99% of the time, they leave you alone. The bus drivers are great at removing people that are in that 1%.

Cleanliness – this varies. Some riders put a plastic back down on the seat, which I feel is a bit extreme, but I don’t wear shorts or flip flops on the bus. Yes, carry hand sanitizer if you hold the rails and wash your hands when you get to your destination. Double mask. The later times of the day, the buses might have a soda bottle rolling in the floor.

Accessibility – wheelchairs, blind, walkers, service dogs, and seniors get red carpet experience. Well…as red as it gets on public transpo. The drivers are patient for the wheelchair users to get locked in and offer help with securement, before resuming the route. They are great at telling blind folks where empty seats are. The newer buses have lowered the stop buttons for those at lower heights. Drivers also ask chairs and blind folks which stop they’ll be getting off at, so that they can alert you or be prepared to let down the ramp.

Overall, we Go Metro! You don’t have to look for parking, you can answer emails on your phone, read, meditate, meet people, or wind down. If you decide to go green and make Metro your main mode of transportation, plan where to live. Make sure there’s a direct path between work and home or other places you frequent. If you can afford it, live smack dab in the middle of the city where you have buses at every corner.

#KeepOnRollin! 🚌

Click below for the New Bus Schedule as of 12-30-21

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