Feed Your Face!

A bright white pantry with shelves lined with milk in old glass bottles, peppers, herbs, tomatoes, and other healthy things.

Big Role Women age gracefully. Our faces are the first impression that represents us when we show it. We need to polish and caress our gorgeous selves every night, tracing every line, scar, and dimple, thanking it for being who we are.

Are you buying store bought products? If so, have you read the ingredients? Can you pronounce them and explain what each one of them are? Think about items that say “warning: do not ingest”. Well, your skin is an organ, too. The largest organ of your body, to be exact. So if some items are dangerous for the organs on the inside, they can’t possibly be good on the outside.

Rule of thumb, don’t put anything on your body that you can’t put in your body. So, go to your kitchen, open the pantry, and see what you’ve got.

  • Brown sugar mixed with honey – This is a great exfoliator. Careful not to scrub too hard or this can cause tiny cuts in the skin.
  • Organic olive oil – eye makeup remover and all over moisturizer, pulls pimples and bacteria to the surface. Shaving cream alternative to slough off dead skin. You won’t believe how the dead skin rolls under the razor as you shave your legs – I learned this tip from a celebrity friend. Also, olive oil replaces hot oil treatments for your hair – no need to heat it. Sorry, Vo5.
  • Vitamin E Oil – for chapped lips, wounds, scars, eczema, mixing into a facial mask, and to take orally to control acne and other ailments. Can remove eye makeup, too.
  • Milk, plain yogurt, or soy milk – cool, nutritious, and soothing to your skin. Rub it on and let it stay for 5 minutes before rinsing. You glow, girl.
  • Baking soda – another great exfoliator. Mix with water to make a paste. Also whitens teeth! Too much brushing with it is said to wear enamel off the teeth, so use sparingly.
  • Rosehips oil – day or night time moisturizer and eye makeup remover. For day, let it rest 5 min before applying makeup.
  • Aloe Vera Plant – (never bottled!). For facials, scars, or eczema. Just under the skin is a yellow part, which will stain and itch, but it’s not dangerous. You want to use the clear, slimy, flesh in the middle. Oh so soothing. Aloe plants are low light plants that you can keep in your bathroom and easy to take care of.
  • Teatree oil – A natural antibiotic for cuts, pimples, or acne. Also a flea repellent for pets. It smells strong, so dilute it before applying to pet collars.
  • Lemon – Face toner and brightener. Rids hands of garlic or fishy odors. A slice in water helps aide digestion and cleanse the liver.
  • Oatmeal, avocado, banana, and eggs are some other ingredients that make great spa nights. The oats, avocado, and banana can be a base to hold the other oils and such into place, for a mud-type mask.

Now, put your best face forward and go show the world how gorgeous you are!

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