A movie clap board and headphones that say AV Role. Made by big role and affiliates
A/V Roll

Train Travels: pilot

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Big Role with a woman's face below it and the word Media circling the face. Los Angeles
A/V Roll

The Voice: Blind Audition Spoof

ALT TEXT: Woman holding a banjo in one hand and a white cane in the other.

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The lower half of a woman sitting on a park bench. She has a white cane with red tip. There is a black, Rotweiler service dog besider her. Woof!

Perks of Public Transportation

Hey, why is everybody giving public transportation a bad rap? I find that the people who complain about it, are mostly people who never use it. They think it’s cheap, sketchy, dirty, or takes too long. Since losing the ability to drive – no, not from DUI – haha, the bus was the only option. […]

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Outside at nighttime, there is a well lit vending machine on an empty sidewalk. A city bus is parked beside it.

The Good Junk

What we eat can affect our mental health, our bodily functions, and our confidence. Some of us are ‘too busy’ to prepare a meal or sit down in a cafe to ingest a plate of nutrition, and there’s a vending machine down the hall, beautifully lit, calling your name. You wanted the cheesy corn puffs, […]

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