A shelf lined with lots of books. There is a coffee mug with a heart on it, sitting on top of the books.

Revisiting Judy Blume’s Deenie

After watching the Judy Blume documentary on Amazon, I decided to get a copy of Deenie. It was one of her books I’d not read. In the doc they mentioned she finally starts saying No and standing up for herself. Something that took me until my 40s to do. I wish I’d read this book […]

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A family are walking through a busy city. One woman is walking with shopping bags and a baby in a harness. The second lady is a wheelchair user, looking up at the mother. There is a young boy behind the wheelchair. People are bustling about and there is a ballpark behind them.

Decor Tweaks That Keep Customers Coming Back

Many businesses know there are ADA laws and pretend like they don’t know there are ADA laws, and the cities and government allow them to get away with it. For example, a pandemic-long vacancy of restaurants across the street from Big Role headquarters was bought by a local chef, turning the whole block into four […]

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A screenshot from Easterseals Disability Film Challenge YouTube page. Their logo, plus a wheelchair user with a cape, a man standing with his arms crossed, a cape and mask over his eyes, and a woman in a cape, standing tall and proud. It tells to go to their YouTube Facebook, Instagram, or disability film challenge .com.
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Don’t Miss This Film Festival!

The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge began – oh, too long ago, created by hardworking actor and comedian, Nic Novicki, before Easterseals got involved. This annual event showcases the disability community in short films. There are filmmakers, actors, writers, producers, editors, every hat you can name, with a disability. The rule is that at least one […]

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