Go Team Earth! A Non-Crunchy Earth Day Blurb

We root for our home state, our home team, yellow cornbread vs white cornbread. Think NY vs LA, West Coast (aka Best Coast) vs East Coast. So many worldly territorial wars that are taking place currently and throughout history. Why don’t more people get fired up over rooting for the home turf we all share,…

On the Ground in SoCal

Getting around car-free in Southern California.

Rollin’ With the Dogs

I know a chihuahua who has peed on hydrants in every continent. Swallow your envy and go find hydrants of your own – er for your dog. Traveling with a dog is a must! They like to get out and explore new sight, smells, and ground, just like you. Make travel comfortable for your pooch.…

Perks of Public Transportation

Hey, why is everybody giving public transportation a bad rap? I find that the people who complain about it, are mostly people who never use it. They think it’s cheap, sketchy, dirty, or takes too long. Since losing the ability to drive – no, not from DUI – haha, the bus was the only option.…